Enabler have entered Silver Bullet Studios with producer Greg Thomas and engineer Chris Teti to begin recording their new album, Fail To Feel Safe. The band are expecting an early summer release via Century Media for the record. Frontman Jeff Lohrber comments:

“It’s been great working with Greg Thomas again. Greg is a former guitarist of the band, in addition to producing our debut full-length, All Hail the Void. I thought it was key to work with a producer who is not only a brilliant engineer, but also understands the band’s sound. We’ve done this before, so there’s a lot of fresh ideas coming out– some things we wanted to try previously but didn’t have the time for, as well as a lot of reflection on the previous material of everything that we love about it as well as everything that we think needed to change.

The collection of songs on this record is the most dense and diverse that I’ve written for Enabler – at times it is the band at its heaviest and most destructive moments, and at times is the most melodic and heartfelt it’s ever been.

There is also a general love for punk and traditional rock and roll that comes out on this record that the band hasn’t quite done before, with a lot of black metal style undertones hidden beneath it. The record just sounds scary, but very listenable at the same time. I’m always excited for every release the band puts out, but I think this one takes the cake on anything the band has done previously. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

The outfit will be out on the road in February with Call Of The Void, dates can be found here.