Employed To Serve announce new record Eternal Forward Motion

UK outfit Employed To Serve have announced their upcoming full-length Eternal Forward Motion, which is scheduled for release on May 10th through Spinefarm Records. The record’s first single, “Force Fed”, will debut this Friday, January 25th alongside pre-orders. Singer Justine Jones comments:

“Without struggle there is no triumph – the human mind manages to flick between polar opposites, from taking life one day at a time and living in the moment, to self-destructing and creating a bitter outlook. It’s important to acknowledge both. Keep moving forward and don’t look back.”

Of the record and it’s lyrical content, Jones said:

Eternal Forward Motion came after 5 years of perfecting the kind of band that we wanted to be. This is the album that defines who we are as a band and we couldn’t be prouder of it.

When contemplating what the future holds for one’s self, it can be quite daunting thinking about whether you will ever be truly content with your life and the person that you are.  In the fast paced society we live in, it can cause many people to burn out and chase unobtainable expectations of themselves. We are also now faced with the social media boom leading many people to be plagued by self-comparison and fear of missing out. All these distractions can cause one to dwell on what they don’t have and take for granted some the aspects of life that we should be thankful for each day.”

Additionally, the group have lined up a couple of album release shows. All confirmed dates can be found below following the track listing and cover art for the album.

Eternal Forward Motion track listing:

  1. “Eternal Forward Motion”
  2. “Beneath It All”
  3. “Dull Ache Behind My Eyes”
  4. “Harsh Truth”
  5. “Sore Tooth Twin”
  6. “Force Fed”
  7. “We Forgot You”
  8. “Suspend In Emptiness”
  9. “Reality Filter”
  10. “Owed Zero”
  11. “Bare Bones On A Blue Sky”

Tour dates:

3/29 – Manchester, UK | Rebellion
4/27 – Meerhout, BE | Groezrock
5/10 – London, UK | Garage
5/11 – Glasgow, UK | Classic Grand Lounge
6/23 – Clisson, FR | Hellfest
6/28 – Ysselsteyn, NL | Jera On Air