Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe has announced a new record from his side project Emigrate. Titled A Million Degrees, the effort is scheduled for release on November 30th, with pre-orders available now at This-Is-Emirate.com. A music video, directed by Bill Yukich (Marilyn Manson, Korn), for the album’s first single “1234” made it’s debut this week and can be heard below. The track features a guest spot by Billy Talent vocalist Benjamin Kowalewicz.

In addition to Kowalewicz, A Million Degrees will feature a number of other guests including Kruspe’ Rammstein bandmate Till Lindemann, Ghost frontman Cardinal Copia, Dirty Mary bassist Margaux Bossieux. The record was handled by Kruspe along with Sky Van Hoff and Svante Vorsbäck.

A Million Degrees track listing:

1. “War”
2. “1234”
(feat. Ben Kowalewicz)
3. “A Million Degrees”
4. “Lead On You”
(feat. Margaux Bossieux)
5. “You Are So Beautiful”
6. “Hide And Seek”
7. “We Are Together”
8. “Let’s Go”
(feat. Till Lindemann)
9. “I’m Not Afraid” (feat. Cardinal Copia)
10. “Spitfire”
11. “Eyes Fade Away”

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