Official press release:

London heavy and progressive rock pillars Elephant Tree release an exclusive Track By Track live EP in order to raise money for the ongoing humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

The two-song offering was recorded at Sonic Whip Festival this spring in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, presenting a stirring rendition of “The Fall Chorus” and “Sails” — both taken from their 2020’s album Habits — that sees Elephant Tree including the talents of Joe Butler on cello and Charlie Davis on violin for the first time on a public release.

Says the band:

“We obviously feel strongly about the ongoing war in Ukraine, as anyone should, and thought that it was only right to carry on supporting our friends and the people of Ukraine as best we could. Jack came up with the idea of creating a short snippet of some live tracks and pairing with an artist to make something that people could enjoy and donate to some great causes. Pairing with David Frankum, Track By Track was born. Hopefully, we also keep the awareness up of what is happening over there still, and some people feel inspired to continue to help in other ways. This is also the first time a lot of people will be hearing the inclusion of our string section as part of a live performance!”

View the full list of charity organizations picked by the band at this location.

Elephant Tree Track By Track EP is out now and available via Bandcamp.

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