Band: Echos
Song: “Shiver”
Director: Brandon Densley & Echos
Album: Affirmations
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: Seeking Blue Records

Speaking of the new single & video, singer/songwriter Lexi Norton shares:

‘Shiver’ is about my ongoing battle with depression and anxiety — it was written in the depths of quarantine when I was going through a really hard time and felt really alone in all of my thoughts. It’s a letter written to myself from a very lonely place about toying with the idea of ‘what would happen if I were to let my pain win?’ It’s hard to talk about, really.

I want to shine a light on the fact that this is a very real issue that a lot of people struggle with —and that I still sometimes find myself struggling with — I’m so grateful for my support system and for my therapist for helping me find ways to navigate and understand my brain. I think the more we talk about it, the more comfortable and less alone we feel in our experience.

This entire album has been very healing for my inner child (who was played by Quinn in all of the music videos) — seeing myself through the eyes of ‘younger me’ helped me see that my pain is not what defines me and that I do matter and things will get better. There are people who want to help.”


Affirmations track listing:

  1. “New Eyes”
  2. “Mad”
  3. “King of Disappointment”
  4. “Shiver”
  5. “Crazy”
  6. “Thirty Seconds”
  7. “Mourning”
  8. “Let Me Leave”
  9. “Sad”
  10. “Sick”
  11. “The Way You See Things”
  12. “NaNaNa”