Band: Druid
Song: “I, Exist (Voices)”
Director: Sabian Lynch
Album: “I, Exist (Voices)” – single
Release Date: June 18th, 2021
Label: Self-released

The group said of the track:

‘I, Exist’ is a narrative which explores our protagonist’s state of mind and his internal conflict when found at a crossroad in his life. The result of his devastating actions has him struggling to understand the fallout. What has lead him here in this moment to have ‘blood on his hands’? The song explores how he struggles with conflicting voices trying to determine whether the outcome was justified or damning.”

Additionally, Druid has been added to Knotfest’s Pulse of the Maggots streaming festival via their official Twitch channel. The band will be performing on the June 25th stream at 3:00 PM PT.