Drudkh prepare to release new effort A Furrow Cut Short

Official press release:

Enigmatic Ukrainian black metal pioneers Drudkh will release a new studio record in April. The new record is titled A Furrow Cut Short and will be released by Season of Mist on April 20. A Furrow Cut Short is the band’s first new studio record since 2012, and follows their 2014 singles compilation album Easter Frontier in Flames. More information about the album track list and artwork will be available soon.

Their most epic full-length to date, A Furrow Cut Short features the grandeur of seven huge, sweeping songs that draw inspiration from the genre’s true roots. Eschewing speed and brutally for ambiance and mood, each piece is a journey downward giving pause only for a fell voice from the wilderness. Without a doubt, A Furrow Cut Short is black metal brilliance, and the ultimate statement of intent from a true genre leader.