Drowning debut new track “U.A.S.H.”

Band: Drowning
Song: “U.A.S.H.”
Album: 23
Release Date:
Label: Fast Break! Records (US), Demons Run Amok Entertainment (EU)

Vocalist Bryan Grantz said of the inspiration behind the song:

“Have you ever lost a family member or friend? Have you ever got that call that instantly changes your life forever? Within the last year I’ve lost two of my closest friends. They were too young to go and the hurt that we weren’t going to grow old together was unbearable. From the good times to the bad times I stuck together with these guys and they stuck by my side. ‘U.A.S.H.’ is a tribute to Urstin Adams (Chicago IL) and Shanon Hawk (Seattle WA). This song is a open letter to them and what I wish I could tell them. I urge everyone to make the best of the time we have. I urge everyone not to take friends and family for granted. To anyone who ever lost someone they love this song is for you and the lost ones. Long live U.A.S.H.!”


  • Fast Break! webstore (US)
  • Demons Run Amok webstore (EU)
  • 23 track listing:

    1. “Danny Gunnz”
    2. “World Of Snakes”
    3. “Gods”
    4. “Burnin Alive”
    5. “Fake”
    6. “Run It”
    7. “Want It more”
    8. “Uninspired”
    9. “My Response”
    10. “U.A.S.H.”

    [via No Echo]