Band: Dr. Acula
Song: “Welcome to Dead House”
Album: Dr. Acula
Release Date: October 28th, 2022
Label: Silent Pendulum Records

Bassist Rob Guarino offered:

“The song’s about watching someone who is your entire world, be ripped from existence. It’s something we deal with all the time as humans, but when it happens to you personally you feel so isolated and alone and angry. It causes you to harp on things that no one else noticed, start to blame others for what was ultimately out of their control, just as much as it was out of yours.

‘It all ends and starts with death’ is the hopeless thought that consumes your brain. Everything good is gone. What is this new chapter going to bring, that is in any way better than what I just had? Any positive experience will immediately be diminished by the fact that you can’t share it with them. The song is selfish, erratic, and confused. Exactly how I felt after my mom passed.”