Dope have offered a hint at their upcoming full-length Blood Money Part 2 with their new video for their cover of Ministry‘s classic “Thieves”. The track features a guest appearance by Combichrist frontman Andy LaPlegua. The clip takes shots at a number of leaders including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Edsel Dope comments:

“Like many people, I wasn’t pro Hillary, nor was I pro Trump. I’m pro America and all of the politicians appear to be crooked in one way or another… As a result., we had a good time throwing all of them under the bus in this video.”

LaPlegua adds:

“I’m not a fan of cover songs. When Edsel reached out to me about doing ‘Thieves’ together I was really skeptical – but in the end I think we do the mighty Ministry justice… and I’m sure Uncle Al will love the video!”

The cover is available as a free download here. Dope and Combichrist are currently touring on the Blood, Lust, Death Tour.