What you see above is a post that made it’s way onto Divine Heresy’s Facebook account. A few days ago we shared a video post made to singer Tommy Vext’s Instagram. It featured the singer and drummer Tim Yeung stating that they are in the studio working on new music. This got fans wondering about whether Divine Heresy are back but this was quickly shut down by band founder Dino Cazares who denied it before making the update above.

Metal Injection got a hold of Tommy Vext regarding whether they are back as Divine Heresy to which Vext said:

“I can’t comment as to the name of the band due to obvious legalities at this time. Details on the bands line up will be released later this month.”

Metal Injection’s Robert Pasbani also made the following very good point:

“Notice the wording they use. ‘We are back.’ But who is we? It seems like they’d like you to assume “we” is Divine Heresy. But they never say Divine Heresy, even though the caption of the video reads ‘Dear Divine Heresy Fans. Tim Yeung & I have a public service announcement for you.'”

So it looks like even though they are back they will probably not be returning under the name of Divine Heresy, we’ll keep you posted.