Disentomb issue full-album stream of The Decaying Light

Band: Disentomb
Album: The Decaying Light
Release Date: July 12th, 2019
Label: Unique Leader Records, EVP Recordings

The Decaying Light track listing:

  1. “Collapsing Skies”
  2. “Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness” (feat. Matti Way)
  3. “Indecipherable Sermons Of Gloom”
  4. “Undying Dysphoria”
  5. “Centuries Of Deluge”
  6. “The Decaying Light”
  7. “The Great Abandonment”
  8. “Dredged Into Existence”
  9. “Droning Monoliths”
  10. “Dismal Liturgies”
  11. “Invocation In The Cathedral Of Dust”
  12. “Rebirth Through Excoriation”
  13. “Withering”