Diecon is a new electro-metal band featuring Brian Cravey and Jesse Glidewell (formerly of The Browning) on guitars/electronics and bass respectively, and Noah “Shark” Robertson of Motograter on drums. The band have released their first single <strong"Gray Matter" which you can check out below. The track is an instrumental because the group currently has no vocalist. Cravey touched on that when he spoke of this new endeavor saying:

“After stepping back from the metal scene for the past few years, I decided it was time to start a new project. I started it as a solo effort to scratch my metal itch, but very soon after Noah and Jesse were on-board. Since we have been friends and band mates for years, our chemistry on and off stage is undeniable. We have a lot of material and have only just begun to record. Diecon is strictly instrumental at the moment, but we’re on the hunt for the perfect vocalist. Be on the lookout for new songs, videos, and a full-length EP in the near future!”

As far as finding a vocalist, the band posted the following to their Facebook as a criteria of sorts for anyone interested in auditioning.