Diamond Head 3

I’m not an expert on the NWOBHM, in fact the only band from the subset that I can truly say I really know anything about is Iron Maiden. I do enjoy Motörhead but am not overly familiar with their body of work. Diamond Head is another such band. To be honest, the main reason I know of the band is because of Metallica’s praise for them. So when the band’s new, self-titled record came my way I figured I’d give it a listen and see what’s up.

I took the time to do a little research on the band first (not as much as I’d like because of my day job, besides the point), learning that guitarist Brian Tatler is the sole original member. While I didn’t have time to go back and listen to any prior output I figured why compare it. So I simply listened with fresh ears and let the record speak for itself.

If you’re a fan of the NWOBHM era bands then I think you’ll be right at home with this record. The guitars have a really nice crunch, the bass and drums provide a good, thumping groove that will have you bobbing along. Tatler lays down some really sweet leads throughout and vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen – who makes his recorded debut with the band on this record – is a perfect fit for the band. Cool riffs, a tight rhythm section, and a great singer make for a stellar album.

My personal favorite track is third offering “Set My Soul On Fire”. It’s got this Sabbath vibe going on that is just fantastic. Closing track “Silence”, also stands out. The title contradicts the song, which boasts this epic sound that simply kicks ass. As a whole the album is worth checking out whether you’re a fan of the genre or not. I’ve always been more of a thrash/speed/death fan but in recent years my mind has really opened up and I’m glad this came my way. The group are without a doubt keeping the spirit and vibe of classic heavy metal alive with this release. It feels like a lot of what’s going on these days is seeing who can cram the most notes in dizzying displays of virtuosity. There is a great deal of tact in Diamond Head. It’s structured with a clear goal in mind: to show the listener a good time. Hopefully I can find some time to listen to Diamond Head’s back catalog. Even though there’ll probably be some serious differences considering the numerous lineup changes, I’m still interested.

Check it out for yourselves below via Noisey. If you’re a resident of Europe, you can get your copy of the album now, while North America will see the album’s release on June 3rd. Head over to iTunes or Amazon to secure yours now.

Diamond Head track listing:

1. “Bones”
2. “Shout At The Devil”
3. “Set My soul On fire”
4. “See you Rise”
5. “All The Reasons You Live”
6. “Wizards Sleeve”
7. “Our Time Is Now”
8. “Speed”
9. “Blood On My Hands”
10. “Diamonds”
11. “Silence”

Diamond Head 2

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