Prog metal duo DFB are streaming their newly released EP Perspective, take it in below courtesy of idobi. Guitarist Dylan shared his thoughts:

“This is one of our proudest works for sure having the best production of any of our releases along with the most unique sound – blending catchy lyrics, ground crushing riffs, and calm melodies with some shredded moments. It took countless hours to coordinate with the art, tracking, mixing, promoting, and video processing, but after seeing and hearing the final product it was without a doubt worth all the work.”

Famined Records released the effort yesterday. CD copies hit stores on July 14th, while digital copies are available now. Pre-order C versions through, and digital ones from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

Perspective EP track listing:

1. “Domino”
2. “Dissolve”
3. “Halogen”
4. “Hindsight”
5. “Epiphany”
6. “Transcendence”