Dew-Scented have released a stream of a new song titled “Affect Gravity”. Frontman Leif Jensen said of the track:

‘Affect Gravity‘ is probably a bit of an unusual track for Dew-Scented and not only because of the talkbox at the beginning. It’s got quite some melodic riffing and a very dark twist to things, but it’s always dynamic and heavy. It turned out to be one of my personal fave-tracks on the album and I look forward to playing it live too!”

Drummer Koen Herfst adds:

“I tried to really emphasize the aggressiveness of the song by playing pretty much straight forward and really loud in the parts that ask for it. Love the way the toms turned out in the mix which makes the parts that lead into the verses really heavy. Halfway the song I do a groove inspired by Derek Roddy, which is basically a blast-beat on my second snare combined with a back beat on my main snare. After that I do a really heavy and basic groove which breaks things open in the guitar-solo.”

The song is off their upcoming new record Intermination, out June 30th on Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available via the label here.

Intermination track listing:

1. “Declaration Of Intent (Intro)”
2. “On A Collision Course”
3. “Scars Of Creation”
4. “Affect Gravity”
5. “Means To An End”
6. “Ode To Extinction”
7. “Demon Seed”
8. “Power Surge”
9. “Ruptured Perpetually”
10. “Living Lies”
11. “Atavistic”
12. “Reborn”
13. “Those Who Will Not See” (Bonustrack)
14. “Survival Reaction” (Solstice cover)
15. “Radiation Sickness” (Repulsion cover)

Dew-Scented 1

[via RockHard]

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