Photo by: Carmen Tremblay

Deviant Process have new details on their upcoming, sophomore studio album, Nurture; including first single, “Asynchronous”. Speaking of the track, the group said:

‘Asynchronous’ embodies the new direction of songwriting for the band, showing how we managed to carefully assemble the more eclectic elements of our music in a coherent way. It is a song that is without compromise, laying bare the soul of the band and really setting up the stage for the whole album.”

Additionally, the group have released the cover art, created by Sien-Sébastien, and track listing of Nurture. Those can be found below.

Speaking of the writing process, vocalist Jean-Daniel Villeneuve said:

“On Nurture, we took a different direction during the writing to make it more articulate and instrumental. Death metal wasn’t our only guideline for writing music or even what we enjoy; we like jazz, old prog from the ‘70s, classical and we want to play the well-crafted music that we want to hear.”

Regarding the theme of the record, bassist Philippe Cimon offered:

“There isn’t a central theme for the lyrics on Nurture. The songs were written over a certain period of time and different themes are explored. A common aspect to every song is the use of esoteric or mythological references to express a relation to a certain theme, be it substance abuse, trauma and its consequences, faith, solitude, or man’s lust for power. However, the themes are sometimes brought up in a way that is very unclear and lets the reader make up his own explanation of the text.”

Villeneuve adds:

“There’s no gory stuff or anything typically death metal in our lyrics. Our goal is to have the listener be able to associate a lyrical idea to a song. We want the listener to create their own feeling and meaning for the songs. It’s an album where people can really feel the vibe throughout the whole thing, not just from listening to one song. There’s an energy you can feel from our effort and there’s a flow that goes from beginning to the end, a journey that’s speaking in the music.”

Vocals for Nurture wer recorded at La Boite Noire by David Lizotte. Production, mixing, and mastering was handled by engineer François C. Fortin.

Nurture is scheduled to hit stores on October 15th via Season of Mist. Pre-orders are live now at the label’s webstore, here (NA) and here (worldwide); and Bandcamp.

Nurture track listing:

  1. “In Worship, In Blood”
  2. “Emergence”
  3. “Asynchronous”
  4. “The Hammer Of Dogma”
  5. “Syrtis Magna”
  6. “Homo Homini Deus”
  7. “The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite”
  8. “Cybervoid” (Obliveon cover)