Official press release:

Destroying The Devoid is the progressive death metal project helmed by Craig Peters (Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Arkaik). Forged in 2014 by Peters as an outlet to compose material beyond the traditional confines of technical death metal, Destroying The Devoid’s Paramnesia debut full-length, set for release next year via Unique Leader Records, is at once cinematic and bludgeoning; brutal yet confounding. Peters comments:

“Being a huge fan of orchestral music and film scores, I definitely wanted the music of Destroying The Devoid to have a deep and emotional impact. These songs are dark, aggressive and very thematic. While the music’s core has a very progressive death metal sound, the songs flow in and out of many stylistic changes ranging from blackened death metal to more melancholic and ethereal passages and some very intense instrumental sections that will leave your head spinning.”

Peters recently issued an in-depth “making of” video taking fans behind the scenes of the Paramnesia composing process.

Destroying The Devoid’s Paramnesia will be mixed and mastered at Castle Ultimate Studios by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Arkaik, WRVTH, Fallujah) and see release in 2016. Further details to be announced in the coming months.