Destroyers Of All 1

Official press release:

Portuguese prog-death metallers Destroyers Of All have just released their new lyric video for the song “Death Healer”.

The lyric video was created by António Monteiro and features the cover artwork by indonesian artist Silencer8 and photographs by Miguel Pires.

“Death Healer” will be the fifth song of the upcoming record Bleak Fragments, to be released worldwide on March 18th via Mosher Records.

You can watch the video below:

Bleak Fragments track listing:

1. “From Ashes Reborn”
2. “Hollow Words”
3. “Hate Through Violence”
4. “Bleak Fragments”
5. “Death Healer”
6. “Unexistence”
7. “The Pain That Feeds”
8. “Speed Of Mind”
9. “Tormento”
10. “Day Of Reckoning”

Destroyers Of All 2

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