Der Weg Einer Freiheit premiere new song “Skepsis, Part I”

Germany black metal outfit Der Weg Einer Freiheit has premiered an audio stream of a new song titled “Skepsis, Part I”. The group said of it:

“We are delighted to present the first half of our full ‘Skepsis’ opus, which is completing the picture that started to emerge, when we premiered ‘Skepsis Part II’ last month. It did not seem a good idea to introduce our new full-length Finisterre with an instrumental, but now its time has come. Instrumentals have always played an important role on our albums and this one makes no exception. ‘Skepsis Part I’ comes with a more complex and progressive composition in comparison with the rather straight-forward and aggressive second part. Although both are separate tracks, we see them as connected and forming one single epic piece. Hopefully, you will like it as much as we do.”

The track is set to appear on the group’s forthcoming record Finisterre, which is scheduled for release through Season Of Mist on August 25th. Pre-orders are available via the group’s online store and Bandcamp, as well as the label’s webstore, EMP, and Impericon.

Finistere track listing:

1. “Aufbruch”
2. “Ein Letzter Tanz”
3. “Skepsis, Pt. I”
4. “Skepsis, Pt. II”
5. “Finisterre”