Demoncy ink deal with Nuclear War Now! Productions

Demoncy 1

Official press release:

Nuclear War Now! Productions is honored to announce its signing of Demoncy, one of the most rightfully revered black metal entities to have ever surfaced from beneath the North American landscape. Having first conspired in the 2011 vinyl reissue of the band’s masterpiece second full-length, Joined in Darkness, NWN! and Demoncy reawaken their partnership in order to release Ascension of a Star Long Since Fallen, an album that promises to expand the proliferation of evil most recently resumed by 2012’s Enthroned Is The Night.

Additionally, Nuclear War Now! will soon continue its resurrection of Demoncy’s previous works by reissuing the 1993 demo, Faustian Dawn, as well as the band’s first album from 1999, Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost. Both of these vinyl reissues will feature new, original artwork from the incomparable Chris Moyen, in order to guarantee that their visual presentation matches the unholy nature of the music in a manner as befitting as possible.

Demoncy will also showcase the brilliance of Joined in Darkness at the Nuclear War Now! Fest V in Berlin, Germany, in November of 2016, by playing a set that will include the album in its entirety. The announcement of this blasphemous alliance ensures that Demoncy’s cloven footprint will extend into the coming year and beyond.