Official press release:

North Carolina-based Demon Eye will unleash their third full-length, Prophecies And Lies, via Soulseller Records later this summer.

A monolithic display of mighty riffs, haunting melodies, and fist-raising anthems, the eleven-track burner was recorded by Corrosion Of Conformity‘s Mike Dean in the band’s hometown of Raleigh and finds their fiery fusion of heavy classic rock, proto metal, and traditional doom at its most intense to date. Demon Eye conjures vintage, heavy darkness for modern day evils.

Prophecies And Lies will be released on August 11th on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. In the meantime, sample album opener, “The Waters And The Wild”:

Prophecies And Lies track listing:

1. “The Waters And The Wild”
2. “In The Spider’s Eye”
3. “The Redeemer”
4. “Kismet”
5. “Infinite Regress”
6. “Dying For It”
7. “Politic Devine”
8. “Power Of One”
9. “Vagabond”
10. “Prophecies And Lies”
11. “Morning’s Son”