Demiricous streaming III: Chaotic Lethal

Band: Demiricous
Album: III: Chaotic Lethal
Release Date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Post.Recordings & Wise Blood Records

The group said of the album:

Chaotic Lethal is about Greed. Self righteousness. A total disregard… An overwhelming lack of respect. The unwillingness to learn. Deliberate misunderstanding… The modern human condition, as we see it.

We believe we have achieved the most organic, gritty, and authentic album we are capable of. A true representation of the four of us as individuals as well as a unit. A truly monstrous offering that will not hesitate to destroy your eardrums.”


III: Chaotic Lethal track listing:

  1. “Unconditional Hate”
  2. “Terminal Future”
  3. “Smoke Chaser”
  4. “The Follow”
  5. “Fuck the Fire”
  6. “Chaotic Lethal”
  7. “Merciless Slut Cult”
  8. “Choke”
  9. “Faith Crime”

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