Demiricous announce new full-length III: Chaotic Lethal

Official press release:

May 13th, 2022 will mark the release of Demiricous’ third studio album III: Chaotic Lethal. After an extended hiatus, the heavy quartet are preparing to unleash a brutal new record. The band comments:

“It’s been 15 years since we’ve released a record. We are so unbelievably proud of this one, and this is the Demiricous record we’ve always wanted to make. Prepare yourselves. It’s a fucking monster.”

Initially formed in the early 2002, Demiricous released their debut album One (Hellbound) on Metal Blade Records in 2005 pushing them into early success with a global fanbase. Their follow-up album, Two (Poverty) also on Metal Blade Records, was released in 2007. Now, in 2022, Demiricous are returning even harder and heavier than before.

Sample III: Chaotic Lethal below with the tracks “Terminal Future” and “Merciless Slut Cult”. Pre-order the album on CD, vinyl, or digital via the group’s Bandcamp.

III: Chaotic Lethal track listing:

  1. “Unconditional Hate”
  2. “Terminal Future”
  3. “Smoke Chaser”
  4. “The Follow”
  5. “Fuck the Fire”
  6. “Chaotic Lethal”
  7. “Merciless Slut Cult”
  8. “Choke”
  9. “Faith Crime”

Demiricous lineup:

Nate Olp
Dustin Boltjes
Scott Wilson
Ben Parrish