Band: Defacing God
Song: “The End of Times”
Album: The Resurrection of Lilith
Release Date: September 2nd, 2022
Label: Napalm Records

On the new track, the band said:

‘The Resurrection’ – the title track of the beast we are about to release! This song is dedicated to Lilith and her resurrection. A song of rebellion and an all-consuming need for revenge. Revenge over those who banished her to a cursed fate and revenge in the name of all her fellow witches – her blood sisters – strong women throughout history who never got a voice!’”


The Resurrection of Lilith track listing:

  1. “Black Moon”
  2. “The Invocation Part I ‘Lilith'”
  3. “The Resurrection”
  4. “The Invocation Part II ‘Jezebel'”
  5. “The Invocation Part III ‘Abyzou'”
  6. “Rise of the Trinity”
  7. “The End of Times”
  8. “Echoes From Fulda”
  9. “Death Followed Like a Plague”
  10. “Enslaved”
  11. “In the Land of Rain and Sorrow”
  12. “Into the Mist of Memories”