Hardcore quartet Deez Nuts have announced that they have signed a deal with Century Media for the label to handle U.S. and Canadian distribution.

The band will be releasing their upcoming effort Word Is Bond through Century Media and Australian label UNFD with the following release dates:

April 24 – EU/Australia
April 21 – Canada/U.S.A.
April 27 – U.K.

The album cover art and track listing has been revealedand can be found below.

1. “Word”
2. “Yesterday”
3. “Pour Up”
4. “What’s Good”
5. “Behind Bars”
6. “What I Gotta Do”
7. “Chess Boxin'”
8. “Don’t Wanna Talk About It”
9. “Face This On My Own”
10. “Wrong Things Right”
11. “Understand”
12. “Party At The Hill”
13. “The Message”
14. “Word Is Bond”