Orlando, FL punk quartet Debt Neglector have signed a record deal with Smartpunk Records. The group will be releasing their debut album Atomicland on August 18th. The effort’s title track has premiered online and can be heard below courtesy of New Noise Magazine. Frontman Alex Goldfarb (ex-New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface, No Friends) said of the first single:

‘Atomicland’ is about the death of the American dream. It’s a story of growing up to find that the idealized version of the world we were raised on doesn’t exist, and coming to the realization that we’re pretty much all fucked. It’s about how the ugliness of the world can seep in and poison you over time like radiation. We expect it to be the posi-anthem of 2017.”

Atomicland is available for pre-order now via the label’s webstore on limited vinyl (100 on atomic piss, 150 on cheap beer).

Atomicland track listing:

1. “Atomicland”
2. “Gift Shop”
3. “On The Brink”
4. “Modern Red Scare Blues”
5. “Phantom Limbs”
6. “Thoughts And Prayers”
7. “Extended Checkout”
8. “Ringer”
9. “Gimme Relief”
10. “Half Man Half Couch”
11. “Get A Clue”
12. “Sorry To Say”