Photo by: Gabriel Wilson

Official press release:

Prosthetic Records is proud to announce the signing of UK-based hardcore duo, Death Goals. The band self-released their debut album, The Horrible and The Miserable, this summer, and today are premiering a new video for the album track “Helen Keller Is Teaching Me How To Talk To Boys”. Prosthetic Records will be working with Death Goals on future releases, in the meantime The Horrible and The Miserable is available to purchase here.

Watch the video for “Helen Keller is Teaching Me How to Talk to Boys” via Brooklyn Vegan below:

Of the track the band comment:

“This was one of the first songs we wrote for the album where as soon as it was demoed we knew it was a banger. ‘Helen Keller Is Teaching Me How To Talk To Boys’ is a real staple for us in talking about our queerness and about the LGBTQA+ community. Lyrically, it takes aim at people who reject the queer members of their family, who try to cut them down, change them, or in far too many cases attack them because they cannot deal with having a member of their family being part of the LGBTQA+ community in some way. It’s a frantic piece of dischord rich queer angst.”

Regarding joining the Prosthetic roster, they add:

“It feels absolutely mad to say we’re on Prosthetic Records! They’ve been a label we have been fans of for a long time now with an amazing roster and we feel incredibly honoured to be a part of the family!”

Combining elements of hardcore, mathcore, metal and various other influences, Death Goals have a frenetic energy that caught the label’s eye. They have gained critical acclaim from the likes of Revolver, Brooklyn Vegan and Noizze Magazine. The band will be performing live shows in the coming months, and will soon commence work on the follow up to The Horrible and The Miserable.

The Horrible and The Miserable track listing:

  1. “Defenstration”
  2. “Misery”
  3. “Helen Kell is Teaching Me How to Talk to Boys”
  4. “Car Crash Romance”
  5. “Shrike”
  6. “Exit Wounds”
  7. “A Different Type of Headache”
  8. “The Horrible and The Miserable”
  9. “OK/SAD”
  10. “Gender Traitor”
  11. “Nothing Left to Give”