Deadbird stream third single “Brought Low”

Band: Deadbird
Song: “Brought Low”
Album: III: The Forest Within The Tree
Release Date: October 12th, 2018
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schaaf remarks:

Alan (Short, guitar/vocals) and I more or less split the songs down the middle, vocal wise on this record. He sings ‘Luciferous Heart’ and ‘Alexandria’ and wrote the words for those two. I sing ‘The Singularity’, ‘Heyday’, and this song, ‘Brought Low’, and wrote those lyrics. On ‘Bone And Ash’ everything is more or less 50/50. When we were in the studio together with Alan Burcham cutting vocals, I made the statement that I was attempting to come from a different place in my heart on this one. I’m a father now and realized that the incessant self-loathing that dominated my 20s and 30s was no place to come from as a parent. Alan said he had done the same thing in trying to come from a more uplifting/positive space. We’re all dads. We joke and call the band Dadbird at times. I’ve worked really hard to change a lot of my perspective and thinking about myself, people and the world in general in light of fatherhood. Choosing to look for the good, the positive, the sublime aspects of this world. I feel like there is a pushback amongst us regular folk against all this division and hatred and atrocities that we’re bombarded with everywhere we look. You don’t generally hear about all the acts of kindness though. It’s not good for ratings I guess. This track right here though is straight up about being blindsided by depression/anxiety and the absolute self-hatred and hopelessness that those two psychological/emotional aberrations scream at you from within your mind the whole time you’re in that hole.”


[via Revolver]