Band: Deadbird
Song: “Heyday”
Album: III: The Forest Within The Tree
Release Date: October 12th, 2018
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Guitarist/vocalist Alan Short comments:

“My wife Tera and I shot all of the nature footage at the White Rock Wilderness Area and The Upper Buffalo National River, both in Northwest Arkansas. Our families have been seeking peace and refuge from the insanity and demands of city life in these areas for generations. Much of it has been protected from development, but we must stay vigilant. In fact, we just got news that the effort we have been involved in to deny industrial hog farming in the vicinity a permit that would have allowed them to continue polluting the river with run-off was successful! Permit denied! I feel like the video is the perfect balance of elements for Deadbird; immersion in loud electric rock and roll and the contemplation of and within the natural world inform both our songwriting and our lives. Participating in music (both transmitting and receiving) is a powerful way to shed the static of the human world. Listening to a river’s water speak as it moves over rocks can remove the shadow from one’s heart. Putting these elements together shows not just who we are, but how we are.”


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