Official press release:

Bitter Loss Records announces September 3rd as the international release date for Dead Soul Alliance’s highly anticipated debut album, Behind the Scenes, on CD format. The cassette tape version will be released by Dawning Septic Productions.

In winter 2020, new writing began for Dead Soul Alliance’s long-awaited debut album, Behind the Scenes. Working now with E.H. on the drums, his brutal skills would lay down the foundations for this sacrificial offering of death. He would then record in spring 2020, with W.D. then laying down his tracks for all instruments & vocals in summer 2020. The result of this first full-length would be a combination of an unremittingly heavy, eerie, and brutal impact, thus creating a further refinement – a new chapter, if you will – to the ongoing story of Dead Soul Alliance. Featuring artwork by Mörtuus-Art and nine new tracks of old-school brutality, each one as throttling & thrilling as the last, Dead Soul Alliance dive deeper into the rabbit hole with the aptly titled Behind the Scenes, questioning the truth of existence and reality itself. Highly recommended for fans of Grave, Cianide, Benediction, Unleashed, and Asphyx!

Dive into that rabbit hole with the brand-new tracks “Mental Comatose” and “Behold Forever Darkness” via Dead Soul Alliance’s Bandcamp. Pre-orders are also available via the aforementioned Bandcamp.

Behind The Scenes track listing:

  1. “Behind the Scenes”
  2. “Screams for the Asylum”
  3. “Mental Comatose”
  4. “Behold Forever Darkness”
  5. “Catastrophic Chaos”
  6. “Equilibrium Dead”
  7. “Ancient Rulers of Greed”
  8. “Upon their Return”
  9. “Perpetual Recycled Existence”