Band: Dead Days
Song: “Doom & Gloom”
Director: Jeff Folkes
Album: Digital Dead EP
Release Date: July 23rd, 2021
Label: Theoria Records

Speaking to Metal Insider, vocalist Don Tuer sai :

‘Doom & Gloom’ is about the struggle with organized religion. How it can provide hope to the hopeless or breed hate and separation for someone who is looking for something to stand blindly behind. I have had countless conversations about the good and bad within the religions of our world. Conversations about the monsters hiding behind the books and words of naive old men. How the words of the past always circle back to confusion and hate. I’ve seen the good it can bring to those that need it, but we have all seen it bring out the worst in people too. One thing that all places in the world have in common – are the outdated and hateful words that can tear us all apart.”­ 


[via Metal Insider]