If you were hoping that ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo would ever be re-re-joining said band don’t hold your breath. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer the drummer made it perfectly clear that he has absolutely no intention of ever returning to the Bay Area thrash outfit. He also discussed his current project Philm, who will be releasing a new album titled Fire From The Evening Sun in a few weeks.

Regarding his new band, Lombardo commented:

“It’s nice to be in a band and feel like you’re in a band again, you know? We hang out together as friends and it doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun. I mean, that’s why you start playing music isn’t it. I’m not complaining, I’ve been very lucky, but it feels nice to have a close personal relationship with guys I’m playing with again.

You develop a rapport and that feeds into the music. I’ve no doubt about it. Going to a record store and picking out some music to listen to together before having a few drinks can only help the process once you get into the recording studio to jam things out, you’re on the same level and wavelength.

I didn’t have that towards the end [of Slayer.] We just saw each other before going onstage every night, you travel in different buses and hang out in different circles. It made it very hard to go onstage and have any sort of chemistry.”

The magazine asked what many have probably been wondering, to which he said:

“No. That’s it. I’m done now. I’ve got lots of other things on my plate and I now know that, when it comes to money, you don’t have any friends in this business. I won’t ever be going back.”

There you have it, Philm is in, Slayer is out for Dave Lombardo. Looks like Paul Bostaph is here to stay as far as Slayer goes. That’s OK though, Philm’s new album sounds promising from what I’ve heard and Slayer are doing their thing. At least now we know for sure that it’s just not happening ever again.