Darling Waste 1

Official press release:

Emo quartet Darling Waste has released a new music video for their song “Hannah Bond”, which originally premiered at New Noise Magazine. The track is off their recent EP Say the Words (copies available here) and was named after a teen in the UK who allegedly committed suicide after listening to emo music. Vocalist Lance Waste says:

“This song basically says ‘we aren’t the ones to blame. We are the only ones who understand.’ When we moved to England there was a bill in parliament to ban ’emo’ music and promoters we’re worried about booking us.”

When asked about the video specifically, Waste said:

“The concept is something that’s been in my head for a while now. The song and the subject matter is something close to my heart so I’m really happy that we finally got to make the video for it.”

Say The Words EP track listing:

1. “Another Year Alive”
2. “When The Ball Drops”
3. “Say The Words”
4. “Please Lie To Me”
5. “I Should Stay”
6. “Hannah Bond”
7. “Kids In America” (bonus track)

Darling Waste 2