Darkness Divided are streaming their new, eponymous record in its entirety. The band said of the effort:

“This new album is split up into three parts – innocence, contradiction, and reaffirmation. As I wrote the lyrics to this record, I had the image of a house built of the ideas that others have built for you. As you grow from innocence and leave your innocence, your walls of the home begin to collapse. After you’ve lived and gone through adversity, you find out what really is important in life. That’s when you reaffirm some of the things you’ve learned in your youth though they may have been contradictions you faced in your life previously. If we don’t question the things we believe, then we don’t really understand why we should believe in them.”

Darkness Divided is set to hit stores tomorrow on Victory Records, with pre-orders available here.

Darkness Divided track listing:

1. “The Point Of No Return”
2. “Back Breaker”
3. “A Life That Binds”
4. “Wake Of The Dead”
5. “Misery”
6. “Deceiver”
7. “From Dust To Stone”
8. “The Answer”
9. “Deliverance”
10. “Mirror Of Death”
11. “The End Of It All”

Darkness Divided 2

[via Terrorizer]