Band: Darkest Era
Song: “Tithonus”
Director: Anaïs Mulgrew
Album: Wither on the Vine
Release Date: September 30th, 2022
Label: Candlelight Records

Guitarist Ade Mulgrew comments:

“The lyrics are adapted from the 1859 Tennyson poem of the same name. Based on Greek mythology, it depicts a man who is granted eternal life yet not eternal youth. Cursed to age endlessly while his lover Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, retains youth everlasting. He begins to envy the natural cycle of the living world and the mortality of men. My interpretation is simple; to harvest as much richness of meaning from every moment as possible.”

Director Anaïs Mulgrew explains the video:

“The music of ‘Tithonus’ gave me the vision of an angel in torn drapes, desperately dancing to feel his lifeforce as it inexorably fades away. And so it tells the story before ‘Floodlands’, on how a life-loving being becomes the ashes in the Mourner’s hands.”


Wither on the Vine track listing:

  1. “One Thousand Years of Night”
  2. “Floodlands”
  3. “A Path Made of Roots”
  4. “Tithonus”
  5. “The Collapse”
  6. “With Tragedy In Our Blood”
  7. “The Ashen Plague”
  8. “Wither On The Vine”
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