In a new interview with That Drummer Guy – which you can listen to in full above – drummer Anders Jivarp of Dark Tranquillity spoke about what the band’s follow-up to 2013’s Construct will sound like. He said:

“I’ve been writing, like, 95 percent of it. It’s very guitar oriented. It’s very… I’m surprised, actually, how a drummer and a keyboard player can create so many guitar riffs. ‘Cause Construct was a little bit different; it was more… [It didn’t have] too many guitar riffs necessarily. But I would say it’s gonna surprise a lot of listeners. Maybe they wil say, ‘Oh, [it sounds like] old Dark Tranquillity TRANQUILLITY,’ with so much guitar riffs and stuff. It’s a little bit towards that direction, I dare to say, even if it’s not… I played some of the songs for Niklas [Sundin], our guitar player, and he was, like, ‘Woah! Fuck! What’s this?’ [Laughs] So… We’ll see. No ballads so far. I’m very happy with it.”

The Swedish melodic death metallers are looking to enter the studio in October and November to begin recording the effort, with a release in March or April of next year. [via Blabbermouth]