Official press release:

Swedish black metal icons Dark Funeral are celebrating three decades of blasphemy with a re-worked version of their debut album! Dark Funeral (30th Anniversary Edition) is due on August 9 via Century Media Records and has been remixed by David Castillo and re-mastered once again by Thomas “Plec” Johansson. To celebrate the release and to give fans a taste of the new sonics, the band is now sharing the first re-recorded single, “Open the Gates”, along with a visualizer! The clip, which was created by 12 Inch Media, can be found here. Dark Funeral guitarist and original member Lord Ahriman comments:

Find rare material from the band’s ominous beginnings in 1994 — an ultimate rendition and must-have for devoted disciples of darkness! Pre-Order this exclusive collector’s edition here.

Dark Funeral (30th Anniversary Edition) track listing:

  1. “Open the Gates”
  2. “Shadows Over Transylvania”
  3. “My Dark Desires”
  4. “In the Sign of the Horns”
  5. “Open the Gates” (Re-recording 2024)
  6. “Shadows Over Transylvania” (Re-recording 2024)
  7. “My Dark Desires” (Re-recording 2024)
  8. “In the Sign of the Horns” (Re-recording 2024)

Dark Funeral line-up 1994:

Lord Ahriman – guitars
Blackmoon – guitars
Draugen – drums
Themgoroth – bass & vocals

Dark Funeral line-up 2024:

Lord Ahriman – guitars
Heljarmadr – vocals
Chaq Mol – guitars
Jalomaah – drums
Adra-Melek – bass