Band: Dagoba
Song: “The Hunt”
Director: Adam Barker
Album: The Hunt 7″
Release Date: July 20th, 2021 (digital single); August 13th, 2021 (7″)
Label: Napalm Records

On “The Hunt”, the band comments:

“We are super stoked about this release! ‘The Hunt’ has been our biggest video production so far, and the final result even exceeded our expectations. Being big fans of Blade Runner, Drive, and Akira, it’s super exciting to see the mix of these influences in our own music video. From writing and composing the track until its release, ‘The Hunt’ has been a very long and tough journey for us. But the song and video we are releasing turned out to be even more exciting than we expected it when we started project ‘The Hunt’.

We would like to thank all our fans and backers of the project ‘The Hunt’ who helped us bringing this ambitious video project to life. Without them, the video would not have been as cinematic as it is right now. THANK YOU!

Stronger together.