Band: Cryptopsy
Song: “Flayed The Swine”
Album: As Gomorrah Burns
Release Date: September 8th, 2023
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Singer Matt McGachy said of the track:

‘Flayed The Swine’ is one of the catchiest Cryptopsy songs I have ever written. It is brutal, filled with massive groove sections and extremely vulgar.

Lyrically, it concentrates on a mental breakdown, an utter loss of control. We all have dark intentions, but we rarely act upon them. The protagonist by the end of the track most certainly wishes they hadn’t.”


As Gomorrah Burns track listing:

1. “Lascivious Undivine”
2. “In Abeyance”
3. “Godless Deceiver”
4. “Ill Ender”
5. “Flayed The Swine”
6. “The Righteous Lost”
7. “Obeisant”
8. “Praise The Filth”