Band: Cryptodira
Song: “The Fascist’s Phantasy”
Album: The Devil’s Despair
Release Date: November 17th, 2017
Label: Good Fight Music

The group offered the following of the track:

“Since there’s no shortage of ways to critique fascism (nor should there ever be), ‘The Fascist’s Phantasy’ takes up this attitude from a specific social psychological view.

The fascist is not only destructive outwardly in their political projects and their bizarre capacity to fetishize ‘great leaders’, but even self-destructive according to their own psychic economy.

These self-destructive tendencies cannot properly be recognized by the fascist’s narcissistic ego and to deal with this inner turmoil, the fascist copes by projecting this unbearable part of themselves onto the ‘out-group’ or others, which tend to be chosen along pre-existing lines of nationalism and eurocentrism.

Fascist propaganda is shameless in exploiting these inside-out egos, promising them salvation or a ‘final solution’ while in reality only continuing a war which is fought both internally and externally. This is a war with no victor; fascism is a senseless and absolute loss.”


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