German dark rock outfit CRONE have issued details surrounding their upcoming sophomore full-length Gotta Light?. The effort is slated for release on September 23rd through Prophecy Productions. A video for the effort’s first single, “Gemini”, has debuted and can be found below. Pre-orders of Gotta Light? are available now and can be found here. Speaking of the single, vocalist/guitarist Phil Jonas reveals:

“I wrote all the basics for ‘Gemini’ on an old acoustic guitar. It is amazing to look back and see how the song eventually developed into the piece that it is now. The lyrics came to me very quickly. I am sure their meaning unfolds with a little digging. The video by director Robert Piel at least in my mind tells the story of a lost twin and its inevitable return in some kind of a rebirth. This can be interpreted in many directions. I think each of us has already had to leave someone behind.”

Gotta Light? track listing:

  1. “No One Is Ever Alive”
  2. “Abyss Road”
  3. “Gemini”
  4. “This Is War”
  5. “They”
  6. “Towers Underground”
  7. “Quicksand”
  8. “Waiting for Ghosts”
  9. “Silent Song”
  10. “Kenosis”
  11. “Icon” (deluxe edtion bonus track)
  12. “Rain Part I” (deluxe edtion bonus track)
  13. “Dead Man II – Drift Apart” (deluxe edtion bonus track)
  14. “Dead Man III – Perceiving Angels” (deluxe edtion bonus track)
  15. “Rain Part II” (deluxe edtion bonus track)


Phil Jonas – vocals, guitars 
Markus Renzenbrink – drums
Kevin Olasz – lead guitars
Daniel Meier – bass 
Christian Schmidt – keys