Pennsylvania rockers Crobot have released a new song titled “Full Moon Howl”, you can stream it above courtesy of Guitar World. The track is off the special edition of last year’s Something Supernatural (Wind-Up Records). This new version of the album, christened Something Supernatural: Full Moon Edition, features four new tracks and boasts new cover art. Get your copy of the effort now here.

Additionally, the band are also releasing a new 10″ picture disc titled Full Moon Howl. It also features the new tracks from the deluxe edition of Something Supernatural, copies are available for pre-order here.

Something Supernatural: Full Moon Edition track listing:

1. “Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer”
2. “Nowhere To Hide”
3. “The Necromancer”
4. “La Mano De Lucifer”
5. “Skull Of Geronimo”
6. “Cloud Spiller”
7. “Fly On The Wall”
8. “Night Of The Sacrifice”
9. “Chupacabra”
10. “Wizards”
11. “Queen Of The Light”
12. “Tap Dancin’ On A Tightrope”
13. “Full Moon Howl”
14. “Back At The Blackwoods”
15. “Weigh Me Down”
16. “Upon A Pale Horse”

Crobot 1

Full Moon Howl 10″ track listing:

Howl Side:
1. “Tap Dancin’ On A Tightrope”
2. “Full Moon Howl”

Moon Side:
3. “Back at the Blackwoods”
4. “Weigh Me Down”
5. “Upon a Pale Horse (Live)”

Full Moon Howl