Counterparts to enter the studio this summer

Melodic hardcore unit Counterparts have revealed that they will be tracking a new full-length over the summer. The group said in a tweet:

“sorry we can’t play slam dunk anymore but hey don’t get fuckin mad at me alright it’s Covid that ur mad at he’s the bastard not me

we’re gonna go record a full length tho”

The band were originally set to play this year’s Slam Dunk Festival in September, but schedule changes on their end have resulted in them not being able to perform. In a subsequent tweet, they clarify that cancelling their appearance wasn’t due to Covid restrictions but the schedule change. That tweet reads:

“hey so just to be totally clear this isn’t because of actual travel restrictions since the festival will be happening without us, but when I say “blame covid” I mean our schedule got moved around so now WE can’t make the fest, you know? So yeah blame us a little if u want”

The new album will be the follow-up to 2019’s Nothing Left To Love.