Convulsions stream Culture Shock EP in full

Convulsions are streaming their Imminence Records debut, the Culture Shock EP, in its entirety. Guitarist Jimmy Cooper said of it:

“The EP to me stands for how we view things around us and our personal experiences. This EP helped us as a band because it brought us closer and helped us understand a lot about each other. It became this bonding moment for us and I hope the audience when they listen to it feels a connection with it in their own way.”

The effort is out now and available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Google Play.

Culture Shock EP track listing:

1. “Intolerance”
2. “Product of the Lost”
(feat. Davis Rider of Immoralist)
3. “Dilemma”
4. “Scum Staunch”
(feat. Jordan Legore of KING)
5. “Culture Shock”

[via Chugcore]