Conrad Keely, you might know him as the singer for …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, is gearing up to release his debut solo album Original Machines. A lyric video was released this past week for the second track off the album, “Warm Insurrection”, check it out above. The first single from the effort, titled “In Words Of A Not So Famous Man”, can be heard below.

Original Machines is slated for world-wide release on January 22nd via Superball Music. Pre-orders are now live on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Inside Out Music.

Original Machines track listing:

1. “Original Machines”
2. “Warm Insurrection”
3. “In Words Of A Not So Famous Man”
4. “Inside The Cave”
5. “Drive To Kampot”
6. “Engines Of The Dark”
7. “Your Tide Is Going Out”
8. “Row Away”
9. “Lost The Flow”
10. “Nothing That I Meant (Interstellar)”
11. “The Jungles”
12. “All That’s Left Is Land”
13. “Hills Of K-Town”
14. “Drive Back To Phnom Penh”
15. “Forbidden Stones”
16. “Out On The Road”
17. “Rays Of The Absolute”
18. “Trust The Knowledge”
19. “Looking For Anchors”
20. “All Molten”
21. “Waimanalo Drive”
22. “Spotlight On The Victor”
23. “Marcel Was Here”
24. “Before The Swim”

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