Conquer Divide premiere “What’s Left Inside” music video

Post-hardcore/metalcore rockers Conquer Divide have a new music video out for their track “What’s Left Inside”. Guitarist Kristen Woutersz said of the song:

‘What’s Left Inside‘ is a song about the broken relationship I had growing up with my father. He was verbally abusive, and super hard on me growing up. He would commonly insinuate directly or indirectly that I wasn’t good enough or wouldn’t make it, wouldn’t graduate college, etc. And we still have a messed up relationship to this day.

The song is essentially 15 years of pent-up anger I got out in about 10 minutes. It’s actually the fastest song I ever wrote. Needless to say, I graduated college and made it farther than he did with music (he was a drummer in a band at my age). The song is cathartic for me and turning a negative situation into something positive.”

The band’s self-titled debut is out now on Artery Recordings. Copies are available for purchase at MerchNOW and on iTunes.

[via Revolver]