Band: Conny Ochs
Song: “Dark Tower”
Album: Doom Folk
Release Date: February 15th, 2019
Label: Exile On Mainstream

Ochs said of the track and video:

‘Dark Tower’ was the initial song that kind of sparked the whole feeling of Doom Folk… I wrote it on tour in Prague, when I mourned the death of one of my greatest heroes. Prague is a spiritual place; it can be quiet, dark, but it always is powerful. I found myself meditating on loss wandering the obscure alleys of the city and by the shores of the Moldau, trying to find a way to share grief through putting it into words and shaping it into a song. I found since then, when I played the first version during the following shows, people related to it. There was an unspoken union in the untold…. Something like that. It was clear to me that I wanted to release the song as a first breadcrumb leading into the album. Here I found how much sharing pain really is a part of healing… It reminded me again the meaning of a song. To share, to live. 

We filmed the video in one of my favorite venues ever, at the UT Connewitz in Leipzig. a place full of spirit and history, run by good friends who let us hang out there for a late afternoon in winter. Just the right place to conjure a spirit of calm intensity. The sort of which you can feel in a place where you feel home.”


[via Pop Matters]