Conclave premiere new track “Aethereum”

Conclave have issued a second new track from their forthcoming studio record Sins Of The Elders. Take in “Aethereum” above courtesy of CVLT Nation. The band said of the song:

‘Aethereum’ was written in minor keys with a feeling of darkness in tribute to the great forefathers of doom that paved the road before us. The lyrical concept is that of falling through space, time and all ethereal planes. It brought forth thoughts of the infinite vastness of space, the extremes of temperature, light and sound or absence thereof. Other parallels were drawn from the stories of World War II naval convoys traveling to Murmansk and the conditions those soldiers lived and died under. Hell is real and it extends beyond Earth and throughout the cosmos.”

The effort will be released on CD through Lost Apparitions Records and on cassette via PATAC Records on June 10th.