Coliseum have finished recording their new album with producer J. Robbins (Clutch, The Sword). The band summed up the experience with the following post to Facebook:

The new record won’t be out until next year, in the meantime the band will be putting out Black Magic Punks. The release will be out on 12″ December 2nd with a limited first pressing of 500 copies on purple vinyl; pre-orders are available here. The effort will showcase various artists remixes/reinterpretations of the band’s works. The track list follows:

Side A:

“Black Magic Punks” (Album Version)
“Heavy Magic Punks: Aniki Mix” (Atsuo)
“Black Magic Punks” (Cold Cave)
“Glass I: Everything in Dub” (J. Robbins)
“Blkmgc Punks” (Justin Foley)

Side B:

“White Magic Punks: Sorcerer Mix” (Justin K. Broadrick)
“Cat Magic Punks: Black Ice Mix” (R Pattern)
“(Above) The Blood Of The Moon: Underneath Mix” (R Pattern)
“Black Magic Hunks “(xo Madisyn)
“Black Magic Punks” (Demo)